Thursday, February 5, 2009

So, it totally just dawned on me that I have talked quite a bit about this new man in my life and I don't think I've posted 1 picture of him. Sorry to those who have never seen him (I think just Dahlia).

This is Ramon. He is a very awesome man.
Even though this relationship wasn't planned and it just kinda just happened, I'm really happy we are together :)

Here we are together. We would have been looking at the camera but getting that man to actually pose for a picture is next to impossible.

As you've been able to tell from my posts, he's deployed to Iraq right now and will hopefully be back about September time frame this fall. We talk a lot about the future and what we both want for ourselves. We shall see what the future brings in regards to him and I. Till now, I'm just enjoying the chats I get with him here and there, patiently waiting for him to make it back safe and sound, and continuing with my #1 responsibility Tayllor and making sure he is well taken care of as always :)


  1. About time you put pictures of him on here...very nice, and very nice words he spoke about you too.

  2. Great - I'm the only one - why am I soooo out of the loop?! ;) He looks like a sweet man and I'm very happy for you!

  3. Ya know Dahlia, you wouldn't be "outta the loop" had you not moved away :P I'm only kidding. I'm sorry but there he is!! :)

  4. Don't feel so out of the loop Dahlia, I live here and have only seen him once for about 2 minutes.
    He seems very nice Mis and it was really sweet what he wrote about you. Hold on to that note and read it whenever you get the need...I have a few of those for a bad day and it's wonderful
    BTW, still have this Christmas present sitting in my house...