Thursday, July 2, 2009

And the Countdown Begins!!

Tayllor leaves in less than 48 play hockey...without me *sigh* I know this is good for both of us. He needs to go off and experience this and I need to let him, specially knowing that there is a LOT of hockey things to come that I will not be able to afford to go on. In just 6 short years he'll be graduated from high school and off on his own anyways, so why not get used to it, right?? But I really dislike sending him off to a different state without me. I just worry. Makes me a good mama though, at least thats what I'm telling myself, hehe.

This is Tayllor's summer hockey league picture. I'm not too happy with it for a couple reasons, 1) he needed a hair cut and finally got one the weekend he got back and 2) he now has contacts and looks SO much better!!! Oh well, its an experience, right?? And he's still cute as ever :)