Friday, April 24, 2009

Crazy Hair

I decided to take my camera to work with me today, clean off whatever pics were on there and start snapping new ones. Upon loading camera onto my puter, I found some pics I took of T for his crazy hair day at school. I think I did a pretty good job of making him look like Albert Einstein LOL

Side view

This is the "Hurry up mom" face

This is his "Wanted" picture - This is the Einstein look-a-like

And theres the typical Tayllor picture face, all goofy

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


God I totally forgot how good sunshine felt until this weekend when it was shining in the living room window and hitting my toes. My toes felt SO warm! I missed that warm glowing ball of fire :)

On another note, I am hoping to get back into the swing of things with pictures. I've been really horrible at it. I look at my friend Patty's blog, who has about 3 pictures for every entry, and then look at mine who has about 2 pictures every page, and its just sad.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring time in Alaska

Woohoo!! It looks like Spring is finally here!! Mother nature looks like she is done pissing me off with the -25 degree wind chill factor. It was a whopping 43 above today!!! Gosh, it was beautiful!

Alright, updates, updates, updates - Tayllor is down to less than 2 months in elementary school. I am SO sad (and so very scared). He will make the biiig move to junior high. Time, it just flies!

Hockey is over but now we have tryouts, lol. Yeah, hockey is really only over for a month or 2 and then we start it all over again. Still looking forward to the Vegas trip T will be taking this summer with that hockey club. And I am still bummed I won't get to go. So, if anyone I know and love is going to be in Vegas July 5th through the 10th, let me know and I'll get you tourney information LOL

As for me, I am good. This lifestyle change is a big hard but I am plugging along. I lost about 8 lbs in the last few weeks but that's it. Im at a slight slump. I honestly don't think the beers I've had the past few nights just to relax is helping so..gonna stop that! Im still waiting for the gym to open and then I think things will push right along. But, I haven't quit and I am going to do this and I am going to lose this weight!!! One of the hardest things I have found is watching Christe and T eat whatever they want, whenever they want. But, I am slowly changing the way T thinks about food and I think, after a bit, it'll be a lifestyle change for us all.

Other than that, things really are about the same. Ramon is still deployed and really, really bored. I was getting to talk to him every day when he was onthe night shift, but once again, his job time has changed and Im down to only talking to him for about an hour every evening IF he gets online. But, according to my countdown, we have passed the halfway point so YAY!!! :)

I'll work on updating a LOT more. Just been crazy here lately. *HUGS*

Monday, April 6, 2009


...I'm a huge slacker!!!! LOL

This is my official post stating that I'm a huge slacker!! It's also stating that I will update everyone tonight when I get home, hehe. (this was just a tease to keep people coming back for more)