Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Man, I am slacking BIG time on my blogger duties. Here's a quick update:

Got my truck back and it's running, ok. Not perfect so when I go get my oil change this week or next, I'll have my normal mechanic take a peek at it. Other than that, I am SOOOO happy to have it back!! Picked it up Friday and I was a very happy driver driving down the road that afternoon. Tayllor even giggled and shook his head a little when I stroked the steering wheel and complimented my truck, LOL.

Hockey is officially over!! The team had their state tourney this past weekend (which they didn't do so well in) and I am in total and udder shock that it is actually over. Still going to have some pick-up games and help the younger kids get ready for their state tourney in a few weeks, but other than that, we are just waiting for tryouts to come around in April.

We are coming up on Spring Break, which means end of the third quarter, which means just a meer couple of months before Tayllor is graduating 6th grade and making the big move onto middle school. I am SO not ready!!! I'll def'ly be blogging about that in the next few days.

Ramon is good, still in Iraq (of course). He has been on night shift for the past week or so and I get to talk to him everyday (since his night is my day). It makes this being away thing that much easier. Still got a looong way to go (219 days left according to my countdown) but in the grand scheme of things, it's moving pretty fast.

I think thats it. I'll try to keep up with my posts, specially now since hockey is over and I have ALL the time in the world :)


  1. Yeah, I've been slacking too. :( I have Arizona pics to put up, Bailey's skiing and skating stuff...just lots so you are now officially one up on me. :) Glad to hear that your truck is back, things are settling down for you for a bit, and that Ramon is doing well and you're handling his absence as well as can be expected.
    As for Tayllor in junior high...well I'm just not ready to think about that yet! Love to you all (you too Christe).

  2. I've got one in 7th grade this year if you need to talk lol.
    It's been fun!!