Thursday, February 5, 2009

I had posted earlier about a pretty neat comment Ramon posted on his myspace, and like the goofball I am, I actually copied it into a word document so I could read it occasionally and smile. I wanted to repost it here for all to see. Now the man likes to type, and talk sometimes, in text lingo so bear that in mind when you read this:

"Ok, its official. I like this chick....
Her name is Melissa. I call her 'my Lissa'. We'v been 'dating' '2gethr' fer a few months now. I realy like her. I thnk its a mix of 'birds of a feather' and 'opposites attract'. It aint marraige feelins yet, but it is only her im gonna b with right now. Im drawn to her in many dif ways. So far i dont see nething that wil push me away from her, which is good. Bcuz she may not kno it, but evrythng about her ispulling me toward her.Im so lucky to hav met her."

Sweet huh??? Hehe, I got a cheesey grin with tears in my eyes when I read it. Eh, I'm a sap what can I say.

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