Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Sucks!!

Seriously, this cold snap is sucking ass!! I'm SO chilled to the bone and seem to only stay warm when I'm in the comfort of my bed under all my blankets (even with that damn draft coming in the stupid window). My house is cold, my floors are cold, even the garage thats supposed to be heated is cold. The only warm place in the house is the downstairs bathroom. I think I'm going to move my bed in the 10x10 space and make that my new bedroom.
On another note, I have not heard from Ramon in a week now. I don't know where he is, if he's ok or just stranded somewhere. So, because I haven't heard from him or know where he is, I don't even know when his leave offiicially starts or ends. Which in turn just sucks cuz Tayllor and I leave for Anchorage next weekend for a hockey tournament and either A) Ramon will get to go with us cuz his leave time runs through that weekend, B) He will have to leave before or during that weekend, or C) He won't even make it here at all! ARGH, this is just further proof why the army and I do not get along!!


  1. Sorry the weather is stinky! Funny that you mention that the bathroom is the warmest room - same for here at our house! My neighbor who just came from Hawaii hides out in her bathroom to stay warm. She'll even answer the door from the bathroom - by yelling, of course - so she doesn't feel the draft from the front door opening. Now remember - it's about 40 above here :) Hope you hear from Ramon soon too! Miss you guys and we'll see you in the summer!!!

  2. Dang, do we live in the same drafty cold house? Oh it's this weather....