Monday, January 26, 2009


So, like I mentioned in my earlier post, went shopping yesterday for a new bed for T. Let me tell you "why": he HAD a bunk bed with a futon on the bottom. Bought it a few years back with the intent that he would hold onto it for a loooong time since it just made sense no matter what your age. Now the kid just hates the top bunk. I always try and keep him off the futon so it'll last longer but it wasn't working. So, after yelling at him and yelling at him to get up top, I said screw it and went out and bought him a new futon to replace the BIG bunk bed (it makes more sense anyways cuz the kid got the short end of the stick when we moved into the apt with the smallest room). Now he has a futon which he can pull out into a bed to sleep or just leave it up in the futon/couch position and it works when he has friends over and they wanna watch tv or play video games. Here are a few pics:

This is a picture from the box of the new futon

This is my lil bro Sean taking apart the bunk bed. Thank god he agreed to help!

This is Christe and I watching cuz Sean didn't want any help

The finished product. Messy bed, of course. He's ALL boy!


  1. I think it's funny that he had a futon under his bed that he couldn't sleep on :) Glad he's got a new bed/couch that he can have a place to hang out with his Tayllor's getting so old! We love and miss you!!

  2. yeah yeah yeah, laugh it up woman! It just made sense he use his top bunk and preserve the life of the really expensive futon mattress as long as possible. To be honest, another big reason why I had to get him a new bed was because the futon part was broken and it wouldn't sit right on the frame when in a bed and then took 2 people to put it back into a couch. But, he's happy. Oh, and watch those old comments, once you say Tayllor has gotten old, it means Im right there, LOL
    Love you guys too