Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Well, Tayllor and I are off to Anchorage for some more hockey. His coach has entered the team in the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Shoot Tournament for the 4 day holiday break. We leave today at noon to make that 358 mile drive south to Anchortown to spend our 1st (and probably not our last) Thanksgiving away from family.
Part of me is excited because I get to get away from the stress of every day life and I get to watch hockey while the other part of me is bummed because I won't get to take any leftovers home from mom's and snack on it for days and I gotta drive ALL that way.
But we chose this. I've heard from a lot of other hockey parents, "This is how the hockey life is, get used to it". We will miss holidays, Tayllor might even be gone by himself for some holidays, and either be celebrating it with the team or playing a game during it. Gotta start somewhere and get used to it, right?. But my question is, do you ever really get used to it? Does it ever become too much? I guess we'll see in the years to come.
For now, Tayllor and I will be having our Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant. It's not mom's turkey dinner, but we are together and for that I am happy.


  1. Love ya litte sis. Keep up the good work and throw in a couple cheers for us too. Happy Turkey Day!

  2. Probably never get used to it, and some years will be harder than others. But it is great that you can do it together and aren't pulled apart for the holidays! He seems to truely see how lucky he is.