Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our First Caribou...EVER!

Alright, some of you might think this is just the silliest thing ever but we saw our first ever caribou herd on the way down to Anchorage this weekend!! I had my Tayllor and one of his teammates Taylor in the car with us and both of them were in aww at the sight. Thankfully it was extremely bright outside and there were no accidents because of them. I didn't bring my camera along (and I totally heard it from my roomie, "I told you to bring your camera") but I was able to catch a few pics from my camera phone. Not the best quality but the experience was AWESOME!!

A little blurry but this was taken from behind my windshield

Tayllor took this one

I LOVE the mountains in the background

Look at that rack!! hehe

So, part of me wanted to get out and pet the animals. So purty. But, I'm not "that" blonde


  1. That's a TON of snow...and way neat that you got to see caribou (can't believe it's your first time!). How's hockey going????

  2. Eh, it's really not a lot of snow at all!! And I know, first time EVER!! I mean, geez I've lived in this state for 31 years now. You'd think I'd have seen em sooner, but I'm thankful I haven't, hehe. Hockey is good. Tayllor is having a good year himself but the team is struggling. We are all hoping they can pull it together for state in February. Kisses to ALL please :)