Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Tournament

This weekend down in Anchorage didn't go too well. Our boys didn't get to walk away with a trophy of any kind, but I do feel they may have learned a few things during this tournament: 1) they are a "team" and not just individual players out there skating, 2) they CAN skate and most def'ly beat those Mat-Su Eagle punks, and 3) the Allstars are looking like just a name this year and can be beaten.
The boys won 1 game down there and that was on Thanksgiving against the Alaskan Wolves (Tayllor got 2 goals that game actually, hehe). They lost against the Allstars on Friday morning 3 to 1 but it really could have gone either way. They lost twice to Mat-Su, Fridays score was 2 to 3 and Saturdays was 2 to 1 in OT. But, for you to understand what I mean by point number 2 up above, I gotta explain the last 2 games the boys played.
The last time they played Mat-Su was on our last trip down to Anchorage (about 3 weeks ago) and they got KILLED 11 to 0!! It was a horrible way to end a weekend. So, they got the pleasure of playing them on Friday (sarcasm for those of you that couldn't tell). It ended up being tied 2 to 2 with about 21 seconds left in the game. The boys just dug down and played their hardest and their best and held off those pesky Mat-Su Eagles, but a shot from the blue line got past our goalie and they won the game with that!! By no means should our boys be down on themselves at all. They played fabulous!!
Saturday they had to play the same stupid team in the cross-overs for a chance to play in the championship game on Sunday. It was an even better game than Friday's: it went scoreless until 3 minutes left in the game!! Mat-Su scored first but our boys came back to tie it up with 45 seconds left in the game!! Now we are going into "sudden death overtime" (that was in my best hockey announcer voice). The boys hold off the Eagles for 2 minutes but they left a man on the post and that ended the game. BUT, forgot to mention this little tid bit: not only did they skate with the Eagles, our boys played with 2 men out due to the stomach flu!!!! Yeah, Mat-Su is SOOOO beatable!!

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