Tuesday, December 16, 2008

FOR TODAY December 16, 2008

Outside my window...its flippin cold (and I still think my window is broken cuz theres a draft)
I am thinking....how hard it is to be a parent
I am thankful for...Cozy blankets and warm fuzzy socks
From the kitchen...there ain't a peep cuz all are sleeping.
I am wearing...jammie pants, t-shirt and warm fuzzy socks LOL
I am creating...nada, its late mon!
I am going...to crash really soon
I am reading...*sigh* still flippin trying to finish this book so I can start the Twilight Series
I am hoping...Tayllor passes his social studies test tomorrow
I am hearing...cars driving by my house, my fan and my tv
Around the house...is dark, with only a Moose stirring (the dog, that is)
One of my favorite things...laying around the house doing nothing
A few plans for the rest of the week: Going Christmas shopping (thank you Xmas bonus)
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

"Dude, I'm trying to eat here. Would you hurry with the picture please!?"


  1. So Tayllor got quite the haircut! He looks so much older - holy moly!
    So you're a Twilight fan now too? I'm surrounded by "I love Edward" fans!!! I hope you enjoy the series.
    Oh yes, and we got your card and photo - thank you so much for thinking of us! We sure miss you and hope you all have a wonderful WHITE Christmas :)

  2. Actually, that picture was taken this summer. I was just looking for a good "facial expression" picture of Tayllor to post.
    I'm not a Twilight fan yet. I'm still trying finish this one book so I can start that series. But, I've been told I will love them. We shall see.
    Glad you guys got the card and pictures. Of course we are thinking of you guys. We Miss You!!!