Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tayllor and I decided to take a drive to Chena Hot Springs on Saturday, just him and I for some "mother/son" bonding. The springs sucked this time around!! T and I decided that 1) it would have been better with a whole group of us going and 2) it wasn't a lot of fun with the pool being warmer than normal bath water temp and the hot tubs being chilled! See, usually the pool is chilly and the hot tubs are ever so relaxing. Yeah, well, not this time. Everytime we went to play in the pool, the warmth just kinda zapped all our energy. So we spent more time in the "cool" tub than anything. (didn't get any pics because silly me forgot my camera and the damn pool doesn't sell disposable ones anymore..bummer deal)

We spent about 3 hours or so there and then drove back, stopping along the way to take some pics from my cell. Got some of the extremely high river that was actually running alongside the road (you usually can't see the river unless you turn off or you go over a bridge) as well as some flooded points in the road. There was only one "flooded" sign the whole way down and that was about 4 miles outside of CHS itself, but it was only for a small part along the edge of the road. It was AMAZING to see the way water just creates it's own path.


  1. Yeah, Kelly and I haven't been very impressed with the springs the last few times we've gone and are in no hurry to go back.
    It is amazing how the water rises though and I always wonder when we go out in the spring if we'll have to turn around and head back. There's been a few years that the water seemed a little high to drive through even for our truck.
    Sorry it was kind of crappy but glad you two got some bonding time.

  2. The road wasnt flooded so driving out wasn't a problem. It was just really cool to see all the water everywhere, LOL!
    Yeah the springs were just ODD this time around. Have they been opposite temps for you as well, pool being HOT and the hot tubs being COLD?? It was very odd

  3. Yeah, and sometimes they've been dirty and often the service has just been crappy. We're done with the springs unless something makes us go.