Thursday, May 28, 2009

My little boy is 12 years old today....where does the time go??

Tayllor - Just a few months
Mom - Exhausted!!

Tayllor - 1st Easter and terrorizing everything

Tayllor - 3 or 4? (I know, horrible that I'm not sure)
Mom - My baby boy, always and forever!!

Tayllor - 7 yrs old, I LOVE that smile!!

Tayllor - 10 yrs old
Mom - Loves the cheeky pics with her munchkin

Tayllor - 11 yrs old and SO strong
Mom - Really hoping he doesn't drop me

Tayllor - Done with 6th grade and 'thinks' he knows it all!!

Tayllor - Full of attitude
Mom - Wishing he'd lose it

It makes me very proud to look at Tayllor and see the young man he has become - his personality and his love for life. Am I looking forward to the next 6 years? No. Will I make it and not want to hurt him, or worse send him to live with his dad!? Hopefully, hehe.

Happy Birthday kid. You make me proud :)


  1. The 7 year old pic is the one that sticks in my head when I think of him...spiked hair, giant grin, and teasing. Through all the pictures though, from the first to the last, his little face hasn't changed. I'm sorry to see him grow up in what seems like lightning speed but excited for him as he's about to embark on a whole new part of life. We love you T...Happy Birthday.

  2. Thank you Amber for the comment. You are right, looking through those pics his face hasn't changed, but he is losing his big chubby cheeks!! :)
    Hopefully we'll see you soon. We are just having dinner tonight at the house but I know we'll see you eventually. Time just always seems to get away from me. *HUGS*