Monday, May 25, 2009

Elementary School over....

...on to Middle School.

Some of the boys Tayllor has bonded with during his school years

Tayllor graduated from 6th grade last Tuesday May 19th. I am not going to lie, I was pretty teary eyed. I mean, thats my baby, my oldest and my youngest. The laid back times of elementary school are over. He is now on to learning how to please 7 different teachers, changing classes and having a locker. It'll be a fun experience but a scary one at the same time. Let's hope T can keep his head together and pull out better grades that I know he can do :D

Here are a few pics from graduation day:

Tayllor getting his diploma from his principal.
It's a little on the orangy side, but that's how the stupid lighting is in the school.

Tayllor and his VERY proud mama

Tayllor and his papa

Tayllor and his sister Kaybrie

Tayllor and his proud grandmas

Tayllor and his proud grandpa


  1. Great pictures Melissa...where oh where does the time go? I remember being teary eyes at Jared's 6th grade walk down the halls on the last day of his elementary school. Now...Jr high is already over and 2 years of high school is also over. Enjoy it while its here!