Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Apartment

For those of you that don't know, Tayllor and I moved out of the apartment we were sharing with Christe. It was something that had been coming about a year after we moved in, and it was time to get out. We, unfortunatly, didn't have a place to live (mostly becuase I was in the process of trying to buy a house) so my wonderful mother moved her whole world around and made room for T and I in her small trailer home. (Thank you mom for doing this for us!!). We stayed there for about a month and then the house thing fell through (HUGE bummer). But, I found a really awesome, kick ass, apartment for really cheap and we were moved in by October 18th!
Here are a few pictures I finally took (pardon the mess). Tayllor, being so photogenic, wanted to be in EVERY picture, that goofy kid:

The view from the front door (living room)

Another view from the front door (living room)

A friend of mine sold me his HD flat screen TV....it is awesome!!

I created this area behind the couch as a computer/school work area since we don't use a table for dinner and such. It is rather nice because T has all his school supplies in one central location, along with his desk for working. It works!!

Just part of the kitchen, I couldn't zoom out enough LOL

The hallway off the kitchen leading to the bathroom and bedrooms

The bathroom, this picture doesn't even begin to tell you just how big this room is

Tayllor's room. He says it's not bigger than what he's had, but I disagree. It is a very nice sized room!!

This is my really big closet, with Tayllor jumping in front of it (yes, he is in mid-air!)

It is on the second floor (which works for us) 2-bedroom, 1 bath in a 4-plex. It has a nice sized living room, a very nice kitchen, very big bedrooms and a HUGE bathroom!! The front door downstairs has a code lock on it so that's a little easier on the mind, specially since we live on 23rd Avenue. Neighbors are quiet, and rather nice actually (although, after having to deal with the constant beatings the guy next door put on his girl at the old place, I will NOT be getting to know any of my neighbors nor will I be friends with any of them). It totally works for T and I. I still have not had time to unpack a few boxes or put anything up on the walls, but as soon as I have a break from life (HA!) I'll start that task. My very thoughtful 12 year old said: "Home is what you make of it, mom. No matter where we live, as long as we are together, it will always be home" - so to us, this apartment is perfect!

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